Remote for Slides

About Remote for Slides

Remote for Slides (formerly known as Remote for Google Slides) is a Chrome Extension and a Progressive Web App that allows you to control Google Slides and Ludus on any device, remotely, without the need for any extra hardware.

Remote for Slides is built using all the greatest and latest technologies. The web application is built using a web framework called Preact, a fast 3kb React alternative. This allows us to develop a small and fast progressive web app.

Remote for Slides is powered by Firebase, a mobile and web application development platform by Google. We are using Firebase Realtime Database to let you control your presentation slides on any device, even without the need to connect to the same network. Besides, the web application is hosted on Firebase Hosting, this provides us a fast and secure place to host our web application.

About Developer

Henry Lim is a front-end web developer from Kuala Lumpur. He is making the web great again with Firebase, Progressive Web Apps, Polymer and Web Components.

Also, Henry is the co-organizer of Google Developer Group Kuala Lumpur. He and his team organize conferences, meetups, workshops, and bringing all the latest Google technologies into the town.